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Windows says that my credit card number is invalid - it's not?

When I try to make a payment on a web site all goes well until I click on 'submit', then a Windows box pops up saying that my credit card number is invalid. It's not and until a few days ago I had no problem making payments. My other card, which is also OK gets the same error message.
I know that it is a fault in the Microsoft validation program but I don't know how to correct it. I tried using System Restore, going back to a date when things worked but this hasn't helped. I've also tried installing IE7 and Firefox but I always get the same message. Microsoft technical help and knowledge base are no help at all.
I am running Window XP Home with Service pack 2 and most updates and IE6 with service pack 1.
January 2007
Have you updated your MS software?, if so open your accounts or webb site where you pay your bills and delette all card numbers and start again from very carefull of on-line fraud. if this does'nt work contact your bank...IN FACT, DO THAT FIRST....GOOD LUCK.

January 2007


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