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Miele 646 Turbothermic Plus?

We have had our Miele dishwasher for 17 years and it has always worked beautifully until recently. After the wash cycle, the machine will not turn off. The wash/rinse light remains on. I have to manually turn it off. What is the problem do you think?

April 2017
Than you. I have been turning the machine off manually. I will call a technician if I think there is a more serious issue.

Thanks for the advice.

April 2017
If it doesn't turn off then it's very probably waiting for something to happen that is not happening.

Given that you say the washing cycle is completed then there's not much that it can be - the last thing the machine does is to drain.

Either the draining process is not completing or the sensor or timer that decides to turn the machine off is defective.

You may do best to either...
Turn it off yourself - no real hardship
Have an engineer call - there will be a cost involved.

Good Luck...
April 2017

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