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Mend Kitchen Appliances, Gas Cookers

Hygena classic gas oven?

Hygena classic gas oven
Time controller is a clock face with two buttons .
Minute timer and time controller .
It ticks and makes a whiring noise constantly .
Can this be disconnected sounds like a demented budgie

December 2022
This might be useful.

December 2022
Yes it can. There will be a couple of connections that supply power to the clock itself. There will also be two connections that switch the cooker on if the timer is used. All you need to do is
1) be competent enough with electricity to understand what you are doing and how to WORK SAFELY
2) record everything and plan the work so you can always go back to how things were. Do NOT rely on memory. Use pen and paper.
3) Have the nonce to identify which wires are which. That might involve tracing where on the clock and timer switches they connect.
4) disconnect the clock supply and MAKE SAFE
5) connect together the oven control timeswitch wires SAFELY
6) PAT test and functionally test.

December 2022


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