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Peugeot 106 Diesel pump immobiliser?

My 1997 Peugeot 106 Diesel won't start, no fuel from pump to injectors. I didn't think there was any electronic witchcraft on a 97 car, I just thought the stop solenoid might be stuck, and as you can't get to it under a tamper-proof cover, even to check wire continuity, I swapped the pump for one out of another 97 106. Still didn't work. No way to find out how to test the electrical connection, although I noted that one wire comes live when the ignition is on, but evidently it doesn't by itself actuate the solenoid. Then I looked at the ignition switch and realised there's a key chip transponder coil immobilizer which presumably acts on the pump stop solenoid. So I swapped it for the coil unit and key 'head' also off my old car. Still no good. Is there an ECU on a model that old? Is that what needs resetting? Since nothing else on the engine is ECU controlled, if there is one can it be bypassed? Or can the pump electrical connections be modified to activate the solenoid, joining two wires together perhaps? Surely all it needs is a 12V feed and an earth to the correct wires to actuate!

September 2022
This might, repeat might, help.


September 2022

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