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No power to my washing machine?

My Indesit washing machine has no power to it. I have changed all fuses, checked main board for power and tried different power sockets. INDESIT BWE 91484.

ian rowlatt
November 2021
When my indesit WM 'died', searching the web, there was an article by a genious, about the capacitor on the board, which was a bit underspecced. So taking photos as i dissected each piece of the WM to access the board, I took it to a shop which sold and mended electrical items. Capacitor changed ... board reinstalled, and for the last few years... the WM still working fine. (cost £12.00) From a friend's experience, Indesit do offer a reasonably priced 'fix' service - for his DW, just over £100 for a visit and fix with parts of the problem.

kay dale
November 2021

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