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What is wrong with my Peugot 207 1.6thp 150GT?

I just had a new camchain and all the relevant parts replaced on Thursday 20/8/20 after codes 1336/7/8/9 and 1340 were found along with the engine management light and anti-pollution warning. Cost me £900. I also had new plugs and coils fitted. All the work was done at Warners Peugot dealership.

Drove home with no problems. I was on my way out this afternoon (22/8/20) and hadn't even got 100yds down my street when the engine management light came on with the anti-pollution warning came back to haunt me along with juddering and loss of power. I turned around and, to be honest, I didn't think it would even make it back home.

I have a diagnostic tool and I got codes P1336/7/9 along with a strong smell of fuel. Any help would be brilliant!

August 2020


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