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How to remove the inner door panel on a gas oven?

I have a Parkinson Cowan Lyric 50 gas oven and the oven door handle has broken. I want to repair the handle but I cannot get it off the door until I work out how to remove the inner door panel to access the handle screws. I have removed the screws on the bottom of the oven door but there are 3 sealed ‘popper’ type fixings on the top of the oven door preventing me from removing the panel. Any ideas please?

July 2020
Maybe somebody else could offer more specific advise on your particular model as I have no direct knowledge, but I'd suggest the fixings you are referring to may be pop rivets.
Pop rivets can be removed by drilling out the centre hole with a 4mm metal drill bit until the top becomes detatched and the rivet will drop inside. You will need to replace these rivets using a commonly available pop rivet gun and the correct size rivets. All very cheap and easy to use.

July 2020

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