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Headlamps come on when foot brake pushed On My 2007 Peugout 307 ?

When I start my car all is ok. When I move off all is ok. When I push the footbrake the headlamps come on. I then have to turn the headlamp switch to On and then Off and this turns the headlamps off.
If I have stopped and push the foot brake the headlamps are ok, only when I am moving.
Hope you can help.

Richard West
February 2020
just a point,has anyone changed a stop light bulb recently,if so a wrong bulb may have been fitted

February 2020
I've no specific advice for your Peugeot, but a problem like this would point to a bad earth/ground wire on the brake light circuit. Have a look at the wiring for the rear light clusters and see if there is a wire bolted to the bodywork and check this is not rusty or loose.

February 2020

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