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what is wrong?

After topping up our baxi boiler with water from the loop to bring it to the right gauge level which i do now and again I now find it keeps slowly going up on the gauge i keep bleeding the radiator but it continues to move up even over night when boiler is not on i also have checked the loop to see if it was turned off properly ,it was. There isnt any warning lights flashing and the heating and hot water work fine, this has never happened before. Any ideas

December 2018
I have greenstar 24i, pressure is ok, when I turn heating on pressure increases an eventually and goes out of pressure valve, pump running and radiators warm up

K Hepher
May 2019
Disconnect filling loop completely if possible
Check if pressure still rises overnight
If yes then mains pressure water is entering the sealed heating system from somewhere
Only 2 possible places
1 filling loop passing
OR 2 plate heat exchanger is PINHOLED

Small possibility that an additional external filling loop has been left open inadvertently

December 2018

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