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Indesit IS60V tumble dryer tripping electric?

Hi, does anyone have any ideas how to find out why my indesit tumble dryer is tripping the electrics but not blowing the fuse? Many thanks.

November 2017
Yes, there is a very easy way. You could do a simple Gooogle search for something like:

"Indesit IS60V tumble dryer tripping"

You'll find results like these:

Just FYI: The fuse is to protect the wiring in the event of a major short-circuit fault. The "trip" is designed to stop people getting a shock by sensing if electricity is flowing from the electrical system to earth - even a tiny bit, which is exactly what happens if someone touches a live wire.

The situation here seems to be there is damp on the electrics somewhere in the drier, which is allowing a tiny amount of electricity to flow from the works, into the metalwork of the dryer - enough to trip the electrics.

November 2017

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