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+How to find component bad on IC board? ?

I have a Magnavox VHS (Model VR3210AT01) tape recorder that blows 125 Volt, 1.6 Amp Fuses.
If there is a component bad in the electronic board, HOW can I find it? What sould I do?

Leighton Michael
September 2017
Check the electrolytic Capacitors on the power supply board for bulging or leaking. Also check the MOV's which may have popped during a power surge.

February 2018
Go to college for several years, get a job in electronics until you learn enough to understand how stuff works, what can go wrong with it and what happens under fdault conditions.

You probably have a power supply problem.

Considering VHS recorders arec pretty much museum pieces, you may be better thinking about moving on to DVD, bluray or streaming.

September 2017

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