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how can i fix my baxi 105HE?

my boiler water pressure keeps on goin up to nearly 3bar and expelling alot of water outside.CH works when i drop the pressure down to 1 using the pressure relief valve which leaks only while i drop the pressure.( joint leak) there is only about 10 seconds of hot water after this but the heating is fine till the pressure gets too high. i am regulating the pressure daily.there are no flashing lights on the panel. i have noticed that when the CH is on, the neon is lit normally but once i turn a tap on it goes out and the DHW light comes on instead (not both together) but no hot water. diverter problem perhaps?

james c
December 2016
From your description the system is getting repeatedly overpressurised. There are two ways that could happen: The filling loop and valve is allowing mains water into the system OR there is an intermnal leak between the mains side and the system.

My guess is a faulty DHW plate heat exchanger or a faulty diverter valve, for starters.

You could have also have faulty or non-pressurised expansion vessel.

You really need to think about getting a gas safe certfied engineer to look at it

December 2016


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