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How do I reset my technosonic tv please?

how do I reset my tv. Technosonic please

john clarke
October 2016
I don't know why you waste your time with these idiots? they will never learn. Listen plebs! we give our advice on here free of charge (we are not paid) we give up our free time to help the likes of you. if you have a question at least show some effort and help yourself explain the best you can,We are not psychic!

These one sentence questions are really peeing me off and also the lack of feedback and I will quite happily tell them where to go. We seldom get a please or thank you, whats the point in coming here if you are not going to get back to us? W

Who cares I am done helping these people they deserve all they get. I'm out.

What ever happened to manners?
October 2016
It would be much more helpful if you were to describe the symptoms rather than some vague request to "reset" it.

October 2016


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