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How can i fix my Technosonic 2602?

I have a Technosonic LCD 2602, it was working fine until yesterday when i tried to turn it on, and the power wasn't working. I Kept on flicking it and it eventually turned on. Later that night i tried to turn it on; it didnt work and no lights flashed. I changed the plug fuse, and i tested to see if the plug socket worked and it did. What shall i do cant anyone help me on how to fix it?

Max Ersser
September 2009
Max, I believe these TVs have an inherent problem with their on/off switches. I have just had the problem on a TV less than two years old, which because it is out of Tesco's one year warranty, they will not fix. I would suggest sending the TV to a local repairer which is what I am in the process of doing, the repair should be straight forward, provided they can get the part. I complained to Tesco using one of their forms and they are sending me a payment which should more than cover the cost of repair. You will probably need the receipt though. I have another similar TV,but this is branded TEVION, from Aldi and it has twice had switch failure , which Aldi told me was a problem on these TVS. Their warranty is two years though, so they repaired it twice for me. The switch in the Tevion tv appears to be identical to the one on the Technosonic TV and I suspect they are made in the same factory in China too.
Let me know how you get on,

Philip Rolfe
September 2009

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