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information needed?

whats the telephone number for power craft after sales support , the user guide and warranty state the numbers are northern Ireland 0870 7323023, and rep. Ireland helpline number 1800 481005 But when I try these numbers they are not recognisesd . and I cant contaced there WEB SUPPORT helpline at I purchased a Powercraft router table from ALDIs which has a small BROCKEN plastic washer in the switch box I need to replace ..
I hope you can help with this problem.
Im now going to try the Super store ALDI and see if they can help .

May 2016
Try this. Its not difficult:

May 2016
The Powercraft brand was sold by Aldi and imported by Omega Wolf - superficial research suggests they went out of business in 2009.

Even if they were still in business I doubt they would sell you a washer - and other washers are available.

A change of approach might be better for you.

Good Luck...
May 2016

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