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flashing new message light when call has been answered?

I have a Diverse 4016 with 3 additional 4010 base stations and handsets - old but good. All handsets have been set up only to advise of missed calls but the flashing light comes on after every call whether answered or not. Each handset is assigned to an individual separate base station only. The fault has just occurred out of the blue after many years fault free service.

Derek Simmonds
April 2015
It may be a hardware fault - remotely possible a software fault but most probably a broken logic gate inside an Integrated Circuit.

To solve the problem will require replacing the defective component - once you know which particular chip it is.

I doubt anybody here knows the circuit well enough to advise you - I doubt that anybody anywhere does either.

I don't think there's a factory-default-settings button but you never know - have you scanned the user guide?

Good luck...
April 2015

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