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Repair to a Magimix food processor?

My processor is just not going. And electrician has it at the moment for repair, but can't find a way to get inside it to have a look at the motor etc. Is there a special tool which would allow him to get access?

I'd be grateful for your advice.

Thank you

Ellen Lyons
March 2016
need a new cover for an old magimix foor processor

אורי אדר
October 2021
Thank you very much for this info - I'll pass it on to my pleasant, but maybe not so great electrician.

Thanks again.

Ellen Lyons

Ellen Lyons
March 2016
A fault with the motor is very unlikely.

The common fault is a broken lid so that the safety interlock remains in the safe state.

Your electrician is not very good if he needs to ask how to get inside.

Underneath are rubber feet - remove the feet to access the securing screws.

Good Luck...
March 2016


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