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no pilot light no burner or clicking?

Came home to no centrol heating had hot water until used it no hot water either .pressure gone from system. On zero.followed start procedure can here water flowing pump going not shore where or if fan running. Took cover off 5 lights at bottom only 2 lit. Boiler on and fan on.any ideas please before I get a gas safe engineer..many thanks. It's a baxi solo 3 pfl 30 /80. Been working fine came home other and nothing.had someone re-pressurise system bleed rads turned heating on thermostat max .still nothing.

March 2016
"Pressure gone from system."

Something must be happening to the system to make it lose pressure. One would suggest a leak but where? You will need ot go hunting.

A radiator? A radiator valve? One of the joints in the pipework? The pressure relief valve on the boiler (that will be the pipe venting outside)? The boiler itself (Boiler, heat exchanger, pump, diverter valve, etc.)

Good Luck
March 2016


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