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MY Lamona HJA8631 DW will only drain ?

hi i put washing up liquid in my dw and now it only drains and nothing else

Heid Nagle
January 2016
Hi, (CAUTION NOTE: ALWAYS ISOLATE ELECTRICITY BEFORE PUTTING HANDS / TOOLS INTO THE DISWASHER WORKS) This dishwasher goes into "Drain" made if water is detected by a float switch in the bottom of the machine. Obviously this water must have leaked from somewhere, but where! To start with, remove the kick board from the front and then remove the panel at the bottom of the dishwasher. Then, I think you will see water in the bottom tray? If so, isolate the electricity and using a sponge remove all the water. Towards the centre of the tray shine a torch on a unit that look as if it contains a polystyrene block. Make sure that this is lying flat and NOT tilted. If tilted take a screwdriver and gently lift it and allow it to drop flat. At this point keep hands clear, but have a torch ready to peer into the works , and reconnect electricity. Initiate a short wash and watch what happens down below. It might work ok. If not and the base refloods, note where the leak is and report back please.

Tim Rollinson
July 2017

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