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Cutting out?

I have indesit is70c machine that keeps cutting out after various time intervals. Cleaned out filters and all sorts of fluff but still cuts out. Any ideas?

Martin overend
January 2016
Could also be your full water switch at bottom of machine if it is a condenser. This stops spillages but these switches can give trouble.

January 2016
I am not an appliance engineer but I would guess there to be an over-heat safety cut-out in your machine. To turn the power off if things get too hot - to prevent a possible fire.

I also guess that the safety cut-out is causing your machine to stop. Why?

Perhaps the safety cut-out is defective but more probably the fan that blows air over the heating element is gummed up and the air flow-rate is slower - the air has more time to heat up - the cut-out operates. Look to your blower.

Of course all this is pure guesswork...

Good Luck...
January 2016

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