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sony vaio battery compatability?

I bought a used sony vaio with windows 10 installed.
but now I keep getting a message that the battery is not plugged in correct or is not compatible.

anyone know for a driver to rectify this or how to turn off notice?
I can only use it on mains power, notice takes it into hibernate.
....Sony vaio VGN-NW24S....

December 2015
ELECTRO, yes all have been done.

yes I did a search, and a lot of people have the same problem.
It only occurs when the system is changed from 7 up to 10 os,
apparently sony never thought of up grading the system?
I think i have found the problem now.
But thanks for your reply.

December 2015
If the battery have been left drained for a few days, it's dead and need to be replaced. Hardware thing, NO software alternative.
I don't think that there is a battery driver.
You should read the user manual. If you don't have the printed version, you can get the PDF version from the Sony web site.
Check that the contacts of the battery are undamaged and clean. Do the same for the contacts of the battery compartment.

December 2015
check the battery. Is it plugged in? Is it a genuine, compatible battety suitable for that particular model?

December 2015


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