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how can i fix my computer?

wamy sony vaio laptop VGN-NS140E is about three years old and i have had it worked on by several technicians and every time i had it fixed within about two weeks it's back to being slow and won't download new programs ,has viruses ,etc. i just want it fixed or least know how to.

December 2012
Use Ccleaner monthly (wekly is normaly overkill) to cleanup left over files and clutter and check your registry.

Defragment your drive regularly. Once a year is NOT enough, do it at least every 3 months (ABSOLUTE minimal interval for a conventional drive). Use an alternative defragmenter as the bundled one is not effecient. Defraggler is an excellent free one and have sheduling. It allow you to set it and forget. A wekly shedule is good.
If you have an SSD drive, you must NEVER EVER defragment it as it have an adverse effect on it's life time.

Some good, and free anti-virus: AVG, Avira, Avast.
Set to automatic wekly scan, daily virus definition updates and at least monthly engine update checks. Set it to automaticaly scan any downloaded files (should be enabled by default).

Some good anti-crapware: Spybot, Ad-aware.
Run manualy every 1 to 3 months.

To open the task manager, hold Crtl+Shift+Esc.

You can quickly switch user by using the WinLogo Key + L.

Check your startup list. Remove anything you don't realy need or want.

Check your notification area. If you have any quick starter, disable them. This usualy mean unchecking something like "Load with Windows" or "Start with Windows". Those are useless and slow you down.

Chrome is a good browser, another option is Firefox.
On both, install AdBlock.

Whenever you install ANYTHING, always take the time to actualy read the dialogs. Always decline any side or accessory offers, especialy those mentioning any tool bar, search engine or home page change. They are never needed.
It often mean using the "personalised" install instead ot the default one.

December 2012
try loading a virus protection software and a registry fix software. u can download them free from
read up it on the internet, youtube will probably help and slowly learn the basics then move to the advanced stuff.

December 2012
Reduce the start up list to the first six or so entries to make the machine start up with minimum delay.

Install & run the free software spybot search & destroy and run it about once a month

Install and run CCleaner (free) and run it a couple of times a week

Use the Registry tool of CCleaner to fix any registry issues.

Check your start up list again

Activate the hidden Administrator Account - log in as an administrator and add and delete programmes as required

Defragment your disk - do it annually.

To discover any processes "hogging" the CPU and making the machine respond slowly discover how to use Task Manager (very easy) and look at the Processes tab to see who the culprit is.

This might take you as long as an afternoon and cost you nothing.

You probably do not have any viruses - never ever open attachments to e-mails from untrusted sources - else you may well get viruses.

Use Google Chrome as a browser and consider adding the WOT gadget - it warns you about dodgy web sites before you go there.

For the hidden Administrator Account (Vista & Windows7)

All Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt - Run as Administrator

Enter the command string... (watch the spaces)

net user administrator /active:yes

Good luck...

December 2012


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