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where is the drain on my fridge?

My Daewoo daewoo RN-331 fridge has been leaking puddles of water of water in front of the fridge. any ideas?
Ice is thick on the bottom of the freezer, i do not know where the drain is

May 2015
your ice maker may be over dispensing water leaky water tube to ice maker turn off ice completely and see if it continues if it doesn't you know your problem is ice maker

June 2015
(AT)gts --- Only it wasn't drivel. Try this for a slectionof clear pics of the drain hole:

May 2015
angus forget the drivel you have been told,no help at all
look at the lower edge of your fridge you will see a little leadge with a hole in the middle of it,push a pipe cleaner or a bit of wire down it and this will clear the blockage

May 2015
Use Google - Images

Enter Fridge Drain

See the drain hole

Unblock it

Good luck...
May 2015


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