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Leeking daewoo side by side fridge freezer at the bottom of the freezer ?

My daewoo side by side fridge freezer is leeking at the bottom of the freezer I removed the bottom drawer and there is ice on the bottom I took the plastic of at the back and it was warm I could see elements and there was water at the bottom of it I put some kitchen roll in to soak up some water and it worked for few days now the water is back can anyone help please

Neil Beaumont
April 2014
On the back of the freezer compartment, you will see a removable panel. Prise the small round cover cover off the panel & unscrew the screw. On removal you will see some coils. Look at the bottom of the coils & if any water or ice is present, your drain tube is blocked!
Take off the lower panel at rear of appliance & you will see a plastic drain tube (mine was corrugated pipe), twist off at the top & pull off at the bottom. Pipe will almost certainly be blocked, give a good clean & check also the top hole where the pipe fits prod something up to clear (I used a chop-stick). I also used a hairdrier to melt the ice in the coil compartment before replacing the cover.
My drain tube was totally blocked up. Hope this helps someone.

Jack Wheeldon
August 2020
Hi. Did you get this sorted as I have the same problem.



July 2014

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