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I have a sony Kld 46V3000 Tv that shuts off after 5 seconds?

This TV shuts off after 5 seconds and the standby light flashes 14 times , I unplugged the t Conn Board then the Tv stays on for 3 mins then the stanby lights flashes 5 times any suggestion I also replaced the t conn board

Ken Cook
May 2015
Your TV may well have a problem with its power supply - a component heats up and stops working.

When everything's connected it takes 5 seconds and if the load on the power supply is reduced - by disconnecting a board - it takes longer to get to the failure point.

You can buy freezer spray from electronic stores to spray on suspect components to see if it changes things - it helps to know where to spray it though.

Good luck...
May 2015


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