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my indesit condenser is not drying. There is heat. The water is not colle?

There is heat .but water is being collected in the filter compartment and not the water collection draw. The filters are cleaned regularly. Please help😀

January 2015
there is heat they say, maybe look if the pump is running, and that no crap stuck in the pump pick up end, if the pump is running, u should hear it, take off the black rubber pipe from the top collector box and blow down it.listen for bubbles down the bottom or at least air as u blow down it, to get the bottom cover off the box u will have to take off the left side tin pannel u will then see 2 clips that hold the cover in, be gentle as they break off once u prise them in the rear pump cover will come off, there u will see the black pump a micro switch the float top, u can then get this cover off and see into the water collecter, normally u find wet fluff stuck in the pump, be carefull of the pump empella its a soft rubber 2 paddel bit just pushed on the pump motor. offten u find it has broke off anyway. if it has it wont lift water to the top, u may find the empty light is on on the machine, as far as i know the pum runs all the time, the micro swich tuns on the empty light and turns off the heater, offten u find the micro swith burnt out, cause old age, or a bad connection on the heater wire that gose to the bottom connection of the micro swith. if this happens u get no heat, the heater wire is the netral side of the heater top connection of the micro switch is the heater return to the netral on the timer box. the middle wire goes up to the light on front of machine.

mark simon smith
January 2015
the float dwitch at the rear of the dryer is stuck down,remove the plug from the mains turn dryer around the float chamber is under the grey unit at right hand side of the dryer looking at it from the back remove the cover and free the float cleaning out the fluff that has caused it to jamb,if it sticks down no power goes to the heater

January 2015

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