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logik . dab radio . model l55dab10 ?

The radio doesn't power up . Closer examination shows . Wafer top 8 Pin Chip on the power supply PCB . snapped and half lid damaged and also a green resistor underside of PCB . charred carbon residue .

Suspect the Chip & Resistor . THOUGH no part identification details

Has anyone got a Service Guide . Last resort would be to get an identical One of this Radio and check on that

PLEASE do suggest best action

Thankyou !

November 2014
The components you mention will not have self-destructed - they will have been damaged by too much current caused by excessive voltage - i.e. something else failed and that caused the damage you notice. There may also be other damage that you can't see. It's a terminal case.

Your best option is to discard and replace. Amazon sell this radio for £45

Good luck...
November 2014

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