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LOGIK DAB Radio freezes at 67% scan, then tunes no stations?

I have a LOGIK DAB Radio, with FM and USB(mp3) options. I am unable to get it to tune any DAB stations, manually or automatically. When I initiate a FULL Auto scan, it scans for up to 67% then freezes. No DAB stations are tuned at all.
It used to scan up to 100% and then automatically tune to a default station.

What could be wrong.

FM tuning is OK.

jat azad
August 2011
thank you, thank you, thank you.
been searching everywere for this answer.

Robert T
April 2017
Press the information button until RESET is displayed then press okay...the button used when selecting a station. This will reset the radio and erased any presets. Rescan and all should be well

September 2011


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