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Peugeot 308 2005 moidel?

First problem was engine periodically sluggish on inclines and on take off from lights - not all the time. Soon warning light came on and showed pollution system faulty. Took to dealer and they came up with fault codes P0170 and P0171 and replaced oxygen sensor and harness. Many $'s later and same initial problem repeats, this time supposedly timing belt is the problem for the same warning lights and pollution system faulty message.
I am not convinced and whilst timing belt is worn the symptoms do not seem consistent with the so-called solution. Feel like Peugeot dealer is using trial and error process to diagnose problem. Not convinced timing belt will solve the problem

Ian D R
October 2014
I assume you mean a Peugeot 307 as the 308 didn't hit the UK market until 2007.


"I would start by checking for any vacuum leaks in the plastic pipework for the inlet manifold, brake servo pipe etc: It is common for these to crack when they become brittle and this will cause the engine to run lean. Next is to take throttle body off and give it a good clean with carb cleaner or brake parts cleaner. With age, the "throttle plate" and inlet throat get gummed up with a sticky carbon residue which can cause the butterfly to stick a bit, especially at idle where it is nearly closed."

At 10 years old in 2015 the timing belt is due for renewal next year.

October 2014

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