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asus won't load windows 7?


Asus k53e when powered on goes to the black screen with the word asus, and then goes thru 8-second cycles of turning off and on, returning to that screen, weird.

I can use f2 to get to the boot options screen but don't know what to do then.

Windows 7, also Linux ubuntu. Can't get to the grub screen at all.


June 2014
You are probably missing at least one key file.
If you can't get to the OS sellection screen, in your case, the Grub screen, it means that those files are missing or corrupted.
From your Linux Ubuntu installation medium, reinstall the Grub interface. If those files are accessible from Windows: Open a console. Set ALL files in the root folder as Read only, System AND Hiden.
The command needed is: attrib *.* +s +r +h
As some files don't have any extention, also do this command: attrib * +s +r +h
This will reduce the risk of having those files accidently deleted or altered.
You can probably set restricted access for the key files from the Linux environment. My lack of Linux knowlege prevent me from telling you exactly how.
Both OSs are probably intact as well as all your user files and installed applications.

June 2014


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