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My Peugeot auto doesnt want to change Gear!! HELP!!!?

Morning All

I have a problem with my Auto Peugeot 206 2001 plate
I had done 80 mile drive down to the coast, doing 70/80 mph on friday it was fine, driven it a little bit over the weekend, by doing a couple of 5 minute drives. Then driving it back home last night, i got half way home, (which it drove fine) then notices the S (sport) and Ice icon's was flickering on and off on the dash! Then the car started to Rev high, and seemed like it didn't want to pick up power or change gear! ive had it recovered home.
I took it for a drive this morning and it starts fine, but doesnt want to change gear! i can get it to go abou 20-30mph but if i have to stop or slow down it just Revs, then i have to turn the engine off, and re start the car to get it to move.

So Question i think its a gear issue, does it need TLC gearbox oil, fliter! or a new Gear Box which would mean Scraping the car!!

May 2014
the flashing lamps indicate a fault has been set in memory. the code will need to be read. Its unlikely to be the oil wear indicator as the oil lasts longer than the box. The filter is a box strip to get to.

June 2014
We have the same car(03) ,the Haynes manual says the car is fitted with a fluid wear sensor and gives a warning just as you describe i.e flashing sport and ice lights.You need a topup or complete fluid change,it can be done by a competent home mechanic but you will need to read the book as it is a little involved,idealy the sensor should be reset or it will give you a false reading,but that has to be done by a dealer.It probably will never have had any attention in it's life so you haven't done bad,at the end of the day it is only routine maintenance,every 12 years ai'nt bad.Good luck.

Rich t
May 2014

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