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how can i fix my indesit condens tumble dryer model is70c?

Can any 1 help me my tumble dryer. Won't heat up its just blowing cold air iv looked for the reset button but can't fined it I know there is 1 as I had to call an engineer out after having it for 6 months he said it was just the reset button but I never seen where it was so was wondering if any 1 could help me out as I need my machine for my sons bed clothes alot he is disabled so im struggling alot at the moment would be grateful for any help thanks

tired mummy
May 2014
hi you are barking up the wrong tree sorry. there is no reset button on indesit driers. i know this as i work for them. the most likely fault is one of the thermostats has blown. you would need to remove the back cover and be able to test the stat. hope this helps. andy 07958550274

May 2014

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