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Garage roof ?

73 still able and have a Flat & leaking garage roof.
Existing hot laid hessian based grano chip covering.
reached sell by date (Installed circa 1978) hasn't it done well pity they went cheap using chip board instead of marine board. £2000 to replace and being on a UK pension short that out of the window.

32ft long x 10 ft adjoining neighbours garage roof.
Fall is on 32ft run.
Can the felt be run down the roof (fall ) instead of the normal way across the fall? all joints and edges will be adequately sealed and nailed. Doing it this way would save felt and also make life easier eliminating cutting of each 10ft strip. On the division between the two I will add an up stand capping the felt and strapping as we get winds coming in from the sea 3miles away. If you had a fiver in your had with the winds that blow God would snatch it away. If you claim off house insurance they say 'Its and act of God', bet he's rich, what with that and the houses he owns (Church, the house of God).
Opps that' my lot down there for me.

May 2014
stop garage roof condensation

March 2020
bit late but thanks that guy back to how you say across it as I used to do when roofing never had any leak or complaints. Just that I'm getting a lazy old git wanting to save cutting 10ft strips and running across the roof. Still suppose it will be easier to handle.

June 2014
you need to overlap the felt with the fall it will transfer water that could and will get under the shingles to keep it from getting inside the roof your way could allow water to get behind the felt and i would weave the shingles in with the joining building to keep all moister out but would be easier to redo the whole roof and split the cost if not a steel shingle valley for decra steel shingles should allow either side to be removed without disturbing the other roof and it comes in different colors

that guy
June 2014


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