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Disconnecting an Optima XM system?

My Aunt bought a house almost 10 years ago with an Optima XM alarm system already built in. She's now 80 years old with a heart and high blood pressure condition and although she's never set or used the alarm -- it does periodically go off when there's an unexpected electrical outage or surge.

This happened twice last night and I'm afriad she'll die of a heart attack if I can't find a way to permenantly disconnect the system. I'vr read the manual and I know it's wired into the mains but am afraid it's tamper resistent systems may set it off if I try to disconnect it.

Can anyone give me step by step guidance on how I would go about disconnecting this permenantly from the mains?

February 2014
I agree with e manno

February 2014
Hi Clair I'd prefer to give you a guide on how to replace the battery and achieve a fully usable alarm.

This is how to mend it not kill it :)

Elderly,working system with personal attack button to hand (PA).

Think about it!!.

If on the other hand the system can't be used for not knowing the code then I'd be happy to assist you with decommissioning.

e manno
February 2014


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