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How can I fix my Honda Harmony Lawn Tractor, Mod. 2013 DHA, 13 Hp. ?

When my Honda Harmony Lawn Tractor is warmed up and under load, (cutting grass), after 5 minutes it will die out. After a cool down period of 5 minutes it will start again and then proceed to die out again.
Steps I have taken to remedy this problem have been cleaning the gas tank and filling with fresh gas, taking apart & cleaning the carburetor and blowing it out with compressed air, changing the spark plug several times (new plugs, different heat ranges) & adjusting the throttle cable & linkage. Could the problem lie in the coil?

August 2013
try running it without the fuel cap on and see what happens

August 2013
More than likely the coil is failing when it gets hot. Usually they are fairly reliable - this usually only happens if the engine gets seriously overheated (usually due to grass/debris under the cowling).

Clean out under the cowl, and if that doesn't fix it, replacement is the only answer.


Phil Saunders
August 2013

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