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What would be wrong ?

Easy start Honda 4.5hp high performance was blowing out white smoke was cuttin grand but now it won't start what would be wrong.

August 2013
Don't you just love these people on here who try to answer, Glad I don't hand over my cash to these cowboys.

White smoke means burning oil. Have you recently filled or topped up the engine with oil- if so, it may be possible you have over filled it?

Sewcondly- have to put the mower on its side to maybe clean it?

August 2013
sounds like its burning oil to me check oil level
could be a stuck valve hard to say get it looked at some places do offer free assesment i do

August 2013
Hi. Hopefully you have not run it low with oil. Try removing the air filter and start it up it could be covered in oil. If this helps replace filter.

August 2013


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