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microplus 501?

what is the safe depth for a microplus 501

paul stockton
June 2013
Every boat is different, it depends how much weight you have aboard
If yours is heavier than the makers spec your draught will be increased
needing deeper water
3ft is a safe depth,it wont hit bottom but if you sink you can just walk ashore

February 2016
So - not only are you too lazy to do your own research you ignore the answer first given and ask the same question a second time.

This is what I said a couple of hours ago...

The internet is a fine tool to search for information - you should give it a try one day...

Microplus 501 Explorer Typical Specifications
(Specifications may vary between boats)

Length: 16ft 4ins (4.98m)
Year: early mid 70,s
Berths: 2
Engine: Various outboards
Beam: 6ft 1in (1.85m)
Draught: 1ft 8ins (0.51m)

"Draught" is another word for depth of water required...

June 2013


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