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SIME Friendly Format 100e Stop/Start/Stop/Start/Stop?

My combi boiler switches on, fan turns but no flame and so no hot water. Runs for two seconds and switches off.It keeps repeating this cycle as long as the mains power is on. The fan does turn when it runs and the pump is running fine as far as can tell. There is a gas and water supply. Council call-out man says he thinks it is a circuit board but is not sure and will not do anything till 4th January or later. Any ideas?

Patrick Holmes
December 2004
replace ignition box blue small box this will sort out your problem cost of aronud £75-£85.

January 2005
Dry joints on my SIME 80e !! Thanks for the help Paul

Geraint Evans
January 2005
Paul again fixed the off/on/off/on problem on my Friendly 100e
The blue ignition control box has a p.c.b. which has miniture relays "nais js1-48v " found dry joint on one of the legs- caused
overheating, resoldered and now working fine.

January 2005
I have the exact same problem, I suspect the ignition electrode / lead or driver circuit is u/s. I should have the answer by tommorrow with any luck. I measured 1.7 K ohms resistance across the supply lead of the ignition electrode this
resistance indicates a bad connection or lead . I will post any results as I get them .

January 2005


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