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6.0 eager start 1 hit stump - little power?

7 year old great 22" Craftsman push mower. I hit a stump and stalled it. It restarted but seems to have very little power. When I released the safety handle, it took several seconds to quit. I inspected under the deck and saw nothing abnormal. However, when I manually rotated the blade, there seemed to be a bit of a metal to metal grinding noise - but it still rotated easily. I restarted and WHAM something flew out from under the mower (getting dark don't really know what it was). I restarted and it idles fine, but I pushed it through already mowed grass and it nearly stalls. What have I done? How easily can I fix? Eager 1 917.388300, Engine model 143.996004

November 2006
Thank you very much! Luckily, however, it was much simplier. I had bent the blade so badly that it was nearly scalping the yard with the one side (maybe I would have realized this sooner if it wasn't so dark). I bought/installed a new blade this am and it is back to normal. The fact that the stop/safety handle didn't stop the motor as quickly as normal is still puzzling. The WHAM, I think, was simply a rock that was picked up out of my driveway because of the bent blade being so close to the ground. I'm still not sure if the grinding sound is normal - almost sounds like it needs greased - there are no fittings on the shaft are there? Cool site. Glad to know it is available. I'll be back with a riding mower question. Thanks again!

November 2006
I'd say you sheared the pins off the blade adaptor. The blade adaptor is the rectangular block, keyed to the end of the crankshaft, that the blade it mounted to. Remove the blade and check to see if the blade adaptor is damaged. If it is the blade will slip. In these engine the weight of the blade is part of the flywheel action for the engine. If it's slipping the engine cannot run properly. The adaptor is Sears Part Number 193825 or you can get aftermarket replacements at most home centers.

November 2006

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