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oil for chainsaw?

What kind of oil should I use in my Homelite textron xel 12 electric chainsaw

October 2012
must agree completely.
my neighbor uses engine oil and always has done ?
all the bars are burred and need replacing.

January 2013
Agreed - use the right oil. The chain may survive using some other oil, but the guide bar won't (for long). Also it will make a real mess of your work area, as it will spray everywhere.

Phil Saunders
November 2012
Hmmm.... I would ignore the previous comment about using anything other than specific chain lubricating oil- think about it, if any old oil would do ,then why go to the effort of producing something specific for the job?

Chain oil is very tacky and is designed to stick to the chain during the rotational force whilst the chain is running.

Regular oil (clean or otherwise) is too thin and does not posess the correct lubrication characteristics, which in turn will cause excessive wear to your bar and chain. As it is too thin you will also get through a lot more of it comapred to correct chain oil, so finanically it is a false policy.

Chain oil is actually cheaper than most other oils anyway.

October 2012
i work with chainsaws in the parks every day, you can use motor oil, but i use cooking oil that you do your chips with" no jokeing, as its fine oil and it works well . and its easy to come by, just make sure its clean and not used, its just fine for getting through the oil jets to keep the chain cool" and thats the job of the oil, if you let the oil well go empty the chain will get too hot and wont cut,,just becarefull with the chainsaw, wear the right gear, get a helmet that has a mesh down over your face" and dont let the blade cut into the clay as you cut through a log, as it will blunt it right away, just be carefull with it, test it out on something safe, till you get the hang of it,

October 2012

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