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visual display?

all 4 phones on my BT Synergy 4500 system are showing ' line in use' but as far as I am conerned, the line isn't in use, and I am unable to make a call out.

Also if I ring the phone on my mobile,I am 'told' the person I am ringing is on the phone ie engaged which is not the case.


Alan Clark
July 2012
Do you have broardband. IF so plug phone into socket without your router connected. check the main filter, the one connecting the phones and BB to the socket If not, if you have a bt socket, unscrew the front lower plate, and plug phone into the socket direct. try that. Try a standard phone, not cordless. I allways keep one just in case, As you should, With cordless, power cut, they are useless, Allways keep a normal basic corded phone. If ok with basic, your cordless faulty, If ok plugged in direct, part of socket faulty, if ok with filter out, filter faulty

July 2012

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