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Lervia Free Arm sewing machine KH4000 ?

Top thread is not picking up bobbing thread so no stitch

Joan Bosworth
July 2012
cannot use any of the stitch types. straight stitch you get one stitch them it jumps and you might get another st and then another jump. its the same on zig zag as well What it wrong?

January 2017
How do I know if the take up Spring not working? Can't get the top thread to pick up bobbing thread? Tried changing tension.

October 2015
open bobbin door and remove bobbin case.turn handwheel slowly and observe needle position in relation with hook.if timing is correct the hook point should be close to needle eye when needle is approx 4mm from bottom turning point of needle on upwards movement.that means when the needle is moving upwards and approx 4 mm from bottom turning point the hook and needle eye should be no more than 1mm away from each other.if that is close just make sure needle is inserted correctly,that is flat side to back of machine and cotton threaded from front.if cotton does get picked up when handwheel is turned slowly but not when machine is at speed it could mean that tension is set wrong or take up spring not working

July 2012


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