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how can i fix my indicators and hazards on my peugeot 205 gti?

Ive recently brought a peugeot 205 gti cheap, but unfortunately the hazards and incators arent working, has anyone got any idea on how to get these working again

stacey walker
June 2012
check the fuse for them , make sure that it has not blown, you will have to check the manual or googel it, as to were the fuse box is on your car, look under the bonnet.shoulds be a black box ,with a flip up lid, dont have the car running when doing this!! i thing the fuse should be a 15amp one for lights ect,, its should be blie in colour, take them out one at a time, and look at the fuse , it has a see through body. so if its blown you will see the wire in two halfs in the body, if so just replace it, the hazards light and the indicators should be the same bulb,also you might need to replace the bulbs, as they could be gone too, but start at the fuse,and see if thats ok first, and if thats ok , check the bulbs next,

June 2012
firstly would have a look at your handbook and check which fuse and have a look at that first

June 2012

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