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problem in sony vaio 16 gb pendrive?

i have 16 gb vaio sony pendrive. i can both copy and paste files(single files) in it but when i copy the folder in this pendrive, all the files on that particular folder gets disappear. I have formatted this pendrive several times but it didn't work.
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raymond Maharjan
June 2012
How do you copy the folder?
Copy & paste? Not likely to work as the clipboard buffer probably can hold that much stuff.
It do work for a single file, and usualy work when you sellect multiple files.
There is no guaranty that it can work with whole folders.
The time stamp WILL get changed as the copy is realy a new file unrelated to the original one.

Have-you tried to Drag & drop?
This always work and will copy all the files while preserving the original time stamp. It works whatever the number and levels of subfolders in the copyed folder.

June 2012


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