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Barcalounger recliner will not stay reclined?

I have a leather Barcalounger that I bought in 2006. When you redline back the back will just slowly come back up. In other words it will not stay back unless you shift all you weight way back in the chair. With this being the dase I guess I have used this chair about 10 times to sit in the other times it just sits in my room.
I paid 1317.00 for something that I can't use.

I have called the company but they kept putting me off and now they like Barcalounger have gone out of business.

Does anyone know how I can adjust this or what I can do to eleviate this problem?

It is a 7-4718 Atlantis Barcalounger Lounger.

I don't want to throw it away because the leather is really good and I also ordered a large storage ottoman that is upholstered in the same leather.

Tom McCallie
December 2011
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June 2021


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