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zanussi zebf255w-Fridgefreezer-Airflow housing. To C.K.?

Please give further details about the airflow housing.
Is the airflow housing (where the end of capillary may mounted) at the back of fridge inside (interior) or is the airflow housing at back of fridge exterior outside or is it in freezer.
Is the airflow housing, the grill (Condenser) at rear of fridge exterior.
Can use a k59 or vt9 universal or use exact stat which is k59L2025.
Thanks for your great help.C.K. I sure you will reply as you have answered 2 queries so far!!!

August 2011
remove the thermostat housing and try pulling the capillary out of the side tube/insulation.if it comes out fit a new stat.I always order the correct stat against the PNC number
airflow housing is where the end of capillary may be mounted at the back of fridge inside (interior).will have a slider switch with MAX/MIN written on it.pop 2 plastic blanking caps out and then undo screws down holes and remove unit.As I said before not 100% sure if yours will be like this or not??

August 2011


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