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Home page keeps changing?

from yahoo to I have installed Ad Aware and I have Norton Antivirus and Security...but something still controls my home page choice when I get on IE. Help!

March 2004
I will oppen my home page google,next time oppen always coming another home pages,why this?change internet option my home page.always appear.oppen site and help me

April 2012
why does my home page keep changing now ive got web

June 2009
Try SPYWAREBLASTER & SPYBOT dont just trust to one tool as they are all different & update them regulaly.

Mr Kipper
September 2005
How can i stop my home page changing from yahoo? i want bellsouth to be my home page.

Toni Onry
May 2005
Mine as well. I've used SpySweeper and Spyware Doctor. And they have been getting rid of heaps of stuff but there is this one. It keeps changing my page back, even after I've changed it. I'm not very good with computers so I'll need help. Thank you.

Ryan Harrison
September 2004
Adaware should resolve this for you but it does'nt work every time. I also use Spybot ( I run both, one after the other, at regular intervals. Also remember to keepboth programs up to date via their update facilities.

June 2004
Symantec have instructions for removing this parasite. Visit

Will X
April 2004


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