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Washing machine Smeg WM63141BK Error 4?

My washing machine jumped half a foot forward last time I used it, then foamy water started coming out the soap drawer. Switched off. Switched on again. Ran with no clothes in. Trickle of water came out the soap drawer, then machine stopped and displayed error 4.
I switched off at plug for 10 min, then tried again. This time, no error message, but water started pouring out the drawer.
Can you help? The manual says nothing about error 4.

April 2011
Ours has done the same....called in official SMEG engineer who diagnosed a faulty Programmer Module (PCB). Charged us £96 for his advice and said it was un-economic to repair as the part alone was £333 ! Apparantly the machine keeps going to full speed spin without gradually increasing speed first, hence the juddering. Quite a common fault he said and suggested we purchase something other than Smeg next time !

June 2011
washing machine smeg wm63141bk error 7 what does that mean

frances pedder
April 2011
I think maybe the drawer was not quite shut properly, so I tried ruinning it again, and this time no water poured out but it stopped after about 10mins with Error 4 again

April 2011


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