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starting problems with hyosung gt250 2007 model?

i have a hyosung gt250 2007 model it ran perfectly fine up until i got my license suspended and the bike sat for about a year i started and ran it as much as i could. (not as much as i would have liked) now that i have my license back i have found out that the ignition switch will not work when i turn the key to on position none of the display lights will come on or show any activity at all. i can still jump start the bike fine once its running the lights and display come up like it should have when the key is in the on position. if i press the ignition switch while it is off nothing happens not even trying to turn over its like it has no power running to the bike. i have sense put a new battery on but still no luck. i think it might be the relay switch but i dont want to spend alot of money if i can avoid it. jobless right now. if anyone could help i would be extremely grateful.

Brandt m samuels.

Brandt m samuels.
March 2011

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