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Volkswagen Sharan Flywheel / Clutch failure?

Hi there, we have a 2006 Volkswagen Sharan, and last night it developed a noise while driving. We continued to drive but after couple of miles at most, someone has flashed us from behind. We pulled over and smoke came from under the bonnet and the engine was on fire. Not a bad fire, but still we needed 2 litters of water to put the fire out. We started the engine and it seems ok, so we drove on, but then we have seen a RAC patrol and pulled over to speak to the guy. He inspected the engine compartment and we could see small shredded metal all over the lower part of the engine. He said that the flywheel and the clutch might be gone, and although the car was still drivable, he has towed us home. On researching the issue on the internet, we see that Sharan has recalled many cars manufactured in 2006, but our car is not listed on the ones that are due back for repairs, yet the issue seems to be the same. Can anyone help?

March 2011
Praise Jesus Christ, Volkswagen has now repaired all damages free of charge to us. They have invoiced VW Germany for over £1100 in parts, goodness knows how much the labour was. Although the car is almost 5 yrs old, the fact that was serviced by VW all the time has paid off. We are very pleased with the service received from VW and their courteous approach. Thank you Volkswagen

April 2011
I suggest you contact your local Volkswagen agent garage and explain what's happened and why your's of same year same fault was not listed on the re-call when the fault is the same. Howerver the re-call information may have been sent to the original owner if that's not you. If you get no satisfaction contact head office either in UK or Germany. It seems strange if same fault of recall and yours not on it. Search net also, if not already, see if others had this problem and not been re-called.

March 2011


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